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Welcome to Class 2

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Class two have been getting all soft and sentimental this week, inspired by the text 'The Miracualous Journey of Edward Tulane'. Children and teachers have been bringing in treasured dolls and teddies, including a very old china doll that belonged to Mrs Harper's Mum, and talking and writing about them in class. It has been a lovely opportunity for both adults and children to share some of the softer parts of themselves in school, and discuss common experiences in a safe and nurturing way. The children have already produced some wonderful pieces of writing and this promises to be a topic up there with the very best!

Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Packed Lunch!

Children in Class 2 were delighted to see class mate Jack Burton appear on Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Take-Away this weekend, winning a once-in-a-life-time prize to fly on a private jet to Florida. Jack is renowned in our class for his food choices, so the children sang and filmed a special 'packed lunch' song to send to him whilst he is away. Jack celebrates his tenth birthday whilst in Florida so we hope the song reaches him in time for a birthday he will never forget. Happy Birthday Jack! 

World Book Day

What a fantastic world book day we had this week! Children and teachers came dressed in all sorts of fabulous costumes from their favourite books and took part in a variety of stimulating reading activities throughout the day. We spent a lot of time talking to each other about significant books in our lives and inspiring each other to read. We ended the day with a lovely, calm paired reading session with children in Class 1.

African Art

Children have been producing some amazing African art in class this week! Come and see our display in the hall.


In science children have been exploring their existing conceptions and misconceptions about how flowering plants reproduce as part of our work on Living Things and Their Habitats. Here is Year 5 and 6 dissecting some daffodils and snowdrops taken from Mrs Hume and Mrs Harper's gardens.

Litter Pick

Class two have been doing their bit for the local community this week, helping out on a village litter pick. We adorned ourselves in rubber gloves and raincoats for a very wet, but very enjoyable afternoon, using special grabbers to collect litter to tidy up our local environment.


We have been asking some BIG maths questions about Africa this week, tackling concepts such as distance, temperature, tourism statistics and animal sizes. 

Great Danes

A great day for Great Danes! Children in Class Two organised a fantastic 'Great Dane Bake Off' to raise money for their chosen charity 'The Great Dane Adoption Society' as part of their Archie Bishop project. The children made their own wonderful selection of homemade cakes and biscuits, and sold them to parents at the end of the day, raising an admirable £96.11 for the charity.


We have had a fantastic week of football themed learning this week in Class 2! As part of our African topic we have been exploring the significance of football to people in Africa and writing about the power of football to bring people together. In DT we experimented with different techniques to make an African-style football out of plastic bags and waste materials and tested out their effectiveness in the playground. Check out our photos of Darcy attempting to kick their group's ball (nick named Big Barbara!) across the playground. The winner was Owen and his sleek, aerodynamic design which he even managed to make bounce!

As part of the Archie Bishop project, children also wrote to major English football teams asking for donations of football shirts to send out with Marion and her charity to Gambia. Most children got replies from the clubs, and we already have a donation of a shirt from Manchester City.

Life Mapping

Our class of deep philosophical thinkers have been pondering over some big life questions this week. We looked at a map of emotions and experiences and decided where we felt we were and where we hoped to travel to. We created little boats out of paper and plotted our course through the troubled and calm waters of life!


So what's inside your head? Class Two have been revealing their inner most thoughts and studying the fine art of metacognition - thinking about thinking.



Autumn Term Two


Class 2 have thoroughly enjoyed exploring picture books in literacy this term. We have discovered that not only do they really inspire our thoughts and ideas, but they make us write better too!
‘The Red Tree’ by Shaun Tan inspired lots of evocative pieces of writing about our feelings. We learnt how to read a picture just like a text and explore some of the hidden meanings below the surface. We concentrated a lot on ‘audience’ and experimented with different ways to affect our reader.





The book ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner inspired us in a very different way, and led us on to write several non-fiction pieces such forensic reports and news articles about pesky flying frogs!





Mrs Hume felt very popular this week when she opened up her ‘Purple Mash’ mail box! Ever since the children in Class 2 were allocated their own personal email address, they have been emailing Mrs Hume with all kinds of pieces of homework. The children are loving the scope of this excellent program, which has also been an wonderful learning tool for our news report writing this week. Keep mashing children!




From the very first pages of this challenging and mystical book, children in Class 2 have been thoroughly gripped! It’s not an easy read at times – Skellig does some pretty revolting things – but with our ‘text detective’ hats on, we’ve been able to dissect the text and take part in some rather deep and philosophical discussions. Watch this space for examples of our Skellig inspired writing.



It might only be the first week back, but children in class 2 have already been challenged with some very high expectations. We have been learning all about how we learn and what conditions we need to help us learn more effectively. We’ve also talked a lot about mastery, and what it feels like to really know something inside out and upside down. We’ve already had some super mathematicians achieving mastery status in their understanding of place value and counting. Watch this space for our aspiring Yodas!



The children in class 2 have set up a Help Desk in their classroom for anyone who needs a little helping hand in their learning. On the Help Desk children can find a range of different resources to assist them with their learning such as word mats, dictionaries, spelling and visual stimuli. They can even go there if they’re feeling a bit stressed out and take comfort in a stress ball!


Grammar Police

Mrs Hume has recruited some young Grammar Police to patrol the classroom on writing days. They will be looking out for terrible grammar crimes such as missing capital letters and full stops (a non-negotiable in our class), and armed with an editing pen they will be using the hand of the law to gently enforce orderly sentences. We have an open crime scene investigation board in class, so if anyone has spotted any offenders, please call the grammar police on !!!. 

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