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Class 1 Archive

The children in Class 1 have been learning about Materials this term. They have been searching for different types of material and sorting them.

The children have also made bread and jelly to observe how they can change materials.

Bluebell Garden

The children have had fun in Bluebell Garden with the children from East Cowton. They have built shelters for a Bog Baby, nests for birds and enjoyed hot chocolate made with hot water boiled in the Kelly kettle.

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The children looked at different types of paper and investigated which one would make the best aeroplane. Newspaper was the best.

Workshop for Year 2

Posted 9/7/2014

We made a plan of our pattern and we got the coloured tiles to make it. After that we stuck the tiles on with glue. next we spread grout over the mosaic. Then we gently washed it off. We all enjoyed our morning making mosaics.

Puppet workshop

Posted 4/7/2014

Reception children enjoyed a morning visit to another school for a puppet workshop.

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Dream Catchers

Posted 8/3/2013

Children making Dream Catchers as part of their Native American Topic.

Making Dream Catchers Making Dream Catchers

On A Bear Hunt

Posted 4/12/2012

The children in KS1 take part in Forest School activities allied to their theme of 'Journeys' . The children had been on a 'Bear Hunt' and this stimulus was used to aid their creative writing. Everyone enjoys their Forest School experience and they report that they learn a lot!

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