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Religious Education (R.E)

Religious Education is an important part of the curriculum at our school, giving children the chance to learn key facts and information about a wide range of world religions, beliefs and traditions. It is allowing them to develop life skills of respect, tolerance and understanding that will be vital to them as they prepare to grow up in a multicultural and multi-ethnic society.

R.E allows for aspects of our social, moral, spiritual and cultural curriculum (SMSC) to develop, as it gives the children a voice when looking at personal and global issues as well as enabling them to ask and answer questions in a safe and welcoming environment.

In Key Stage 1 the children learn about Christianity and 2 other world religions: Judaism and Islam.

Other topics the children have recently looked at include:
•    The Creation Story
•    Influential people and objects.
•    Sacred places and religious buildings
•    Easter: life after death


Class 1 have been looking at what Jews and Christians believe about the Creation Story. We started this by considering the "Big Questions" we might have about how the earth began. Then we looked at the beginning of Genesis in the Bible. We reflected on how proud we feel when we have spent time making something beautiful and how we feel if someone does not take care of our work. The opportunity to take part in a village litter pick came up at just the right time to allow the children to put their learning into action by caring for their local area. Even the rain did not dampen their enthusiasm!



The children focus on a different unit every half term. They will look at the main Christian festivals, such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter and other key festivals that the other world religions celebrate.

The children learn through first hand experiences and visits from local and diverse communities. We welcome any volunteers who are willing to come in and talk about their faith and share their beliefs and experiences with us.

The children made Christingles with members of the local Church community before our service in December. Class 2 explained what each element of the Christingle represented and Class 1 sang "Little Jesus Sweetly Sleep" before all the Christingles were lit in the darkened church. 




Our displays around school give the children a chance to show their achievements on a regular basis, and show what they have been learning about:
















The R.E policy is updated regularly and is supportive of all children, whatever religion or beliefs they may or may not hold, in line with the North Yorkshire County Council Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. Please feel free to look at this on our policies page.

If you would like any more information about R.E at either school please contact the R.E subject leader Mrs Wendy Arrowsmith.

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