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Events Blog

All the latest news and pictures of events that have been taking place at Kirkby Fleetham School.


Posted 4/7/2016

Trip to Thorp Perrow

What a beautiful day we had when visiting the beautiful Thorp Perrow Arboretum in Bedale. The children had a chance to enjoy these amazing surroundings whilst learning about nature and the beauty of wildlife. We completed a "welly wander", where the children thinking of descriptive and creative phrases to describe what they could see and collected small items into their kit bag to use in lessons back at school. We watched a fascinating falconry display, where the children were able to get up close and personal (as much as they could!) to the amazing birds and learn about their skills and strengths. It was a fun day that was had by all, and there as always we managed to squeeze in a game or two! We look forward to following up our visit in class over the next few days.

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Posted 13/6/2016

Football and fun

On Saturday some children from our school gathered at Thornton Watlass Primary School for the annual football and fun tournament. We were fortunate enough to enter 2 teams this year - the orange team from year 3/4 and the yellow team from year 5/6. The children worked well as a team and there were some heart stopping moments for the parents in the crowd! Special mentions go to Frankie for a spectacular penalty save, Will for a fantastic goal from the half way line and Mylo and Tom for their sheer determination to keep the ball out when they were goalkeeping! It was a very hard challenge for the teams and they did not bring any trophies home, but they played exceptionally well and all had fun. We are looking forward to the tournament next year!

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Posted 9/6/2016

Street Party!

To celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday, today at Kirkby Fleetham we celebrated with a "street party" lunch on the playground. The children were invited to wear red, blue and white for the day and they made bunting, hats and enjoyed a delicious picnic lunch outside, complete with strawberries and cream! As part of D.T week, the children have made carriages "fit for a Queen" that will be showcased at the village's celebrations on Sunday.

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Posted 27/5/2016

Some of the children in year 5 and 6 took part in a tchoukball competition this week. This was a new sport for them, but they thought it was lots of fun and are looking forward to their next opportunity to play. Over all they came in third place.

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Posted 27/5/2016

The children thoroughly enjoyed Roop Singh’s visit as you can see from Lucy Shirt’s comments below:

What can I tell you about Roop Singh? Well I shall start with the time I walked through the hall doors and I spotted his long beard. He wore a yellowy- orange turban and an  outfit that was all white, apart from the odd burst of colour coming from the symbol and his sash that held a sword. The sword is a symbol of truth, freedom, honour, justice and protection.

His humour with story telling surprised me and, I am guessing, most of the others. He told the story of the mug (beautiful mug) and how it spoke to him at a car boot sale. It made me laugh  and some people even cried, that made it even more exciting!’

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Greek Day

Posted 25/5/2016

To bring our topic of Ancient Greece to an end, the children participated in a Greek day. The costumes were fabulous and the children really put effort into their outfits! The whole school came together for a day to learn about Helena of Troy and the Trojan Horse, creating their own hollow creatures that could hold an army inside.

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