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1.    The name of the Association shall be “Friends of Kirkby Fleetham School”

2.    The objective of the Association is to advance the education of the pupils of the School by providing and assisting in the provision of resources and facilities for education at the School not normally provided for by the Local Education Authority.

3.    The Association will also strive to;

(a)    Foster more extended relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the School and
(b)    Engage in activities which support the School

4.    The Association shall be non-political

5.    Membership of the Association shall be open to all parents and guardians of children presently at the School, all school staff and Governors of the School plus any interested adults of the community.  The parents of every child on the School Register and the Staff of the School shall be deemed to be voting members

6.    The management and control of the Association shall be vested in a Committee which shall be elected annually.  The Committee shall include a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary who will each be appointed by the Committee.  Eligibility for Committee membership shall be limited to those parents whose children will be attending School during any part of the term of office.

7.    The Committee shall retire at each Annual General Meeting and a new Committee will be elected.  Retiring Committee members may be nominated for re-election.  

8.    Committee meetings will be held as necessary, but not less than once each school term.  A quorum in Committee will be four plus the Chairman.

9.    The Secretary appointed to take minutes will be responsible for the records of the Association and will conduct the business of the Association as directed by the Committee.

10.    The Treasurer will keep an account of all income and expenditure and shall submit accounts, duly audited, at the Annual General Meeting.  The banking account of the Association will be made in the name of the Association on the signature of any two of the following;

  •     Chairman,    Treasurer,     and nominated Committee Member

11.    The Committee will hold an Annual General Meeting October of each year. The Agenda shall include the presentation of the Annual Report and Accounts as well as election of the Committee.  The Secretary will circulate the date of the Annual General Meeting and invite nominations for Committee not less than three weeks before the meeting.

12.    Any parent or Friend wishing to call a Special General Meeting shall notify the Chairman.

13.    A quorum for the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting will be six plus the Chairman.  Decisions will be taken by simple majority.

14.    The Constitution can only be amended at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting called for that purpose.

15.    Funds raised by the Association are to be spent as determined by the Committee (provided at least two-thirds of the Committee agree), in consultation with the Head Teacher, Teaching Staff and Governing Body.  Any equipment or materials purchased by the Association once handed over to the School will immediately become the property of the School.

16.    Any assets remaining on dissolution of the Association after satisfying any outstanding debts and liabilities shall not be distributed amongst the members but will be given to the School for the benefit of the children in any manner which is exclusively charitable at law.

17.    Any matter not provided for in the Constitution shall be dealt with by the Committee whose decision shall be deemed final.  The two-thirds agreement rule shall apply.

18.    The Head Teacher and Governors shall have the ultimate decision on all educational matters.

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